Signs of a Game Player

I have never had any time for game playing. I’ve always been an honest person, and I can’t believe the energy I’ve wasted on dick heads in the past. Now I’m with someone who makes me feel so special, I can’t believe I felt so worthless before. It is important to look within oneself and decide how you want to be treated. What you choose to think about you will create, which is the same for a lover or partner.

Signs of a Game Player

  • Or course, both men and woman can be game players. They thrive on attention. If they have no interest in you, they’ll use you when they feel lonely or desperate for sex, and then leave you pining.
  • They don’t care for your happiness. If you tell them good news, they’ll never wish you luck.
  • They make you wait for texts, emails, or phone calls. If someone is interested in you, they will always find a way to get in touch. NO EXCUSES.
  • The more they make you wait for them, the more anxious and desperate you may become. It is a vicious circle so it is important to keep the mind active.

Don’t even waste your time and energy on these selfish individuals. You are priceless and deserve only the best.

Ways to Gain Control

  • Although this can feel difficult at the time, try your hardest to keep busy. Hide your phone if you’re a text-a-holic, or delete your lover’s number.
  • Make them wait for your email, phone call, or text. This will get them wondering what’s wrong, and if you seem busy, they’ll want to get hold of your attention in some way.
  • Date other people.
  • Tie them up during sex, blindfold them, and rub your tits over their face. Keep them in that predicament for as long as you want to make them suffer. This will surely make you memorable.

Fanny Farts

Women, unfortunately, will suffer from fanny farts at one time or another. My pussy is so tight that it even sucks in air during medicine ball sit-ups at the gym. It is damn uncomfortable, but ah fuck it…that’s my unique body.

Fanny farts are simply caused from air being pushed into the hole during intercourse and orgasm. During orgasm, the pussy contracts involuntary sucking in air at a rapid rate. Fanny farts happen in the pussy (and ass, I suppose), and it shouldn’t cause any embarrassment. They are issues in the bedroom, or wherever else you like to get kinky, that should make it easier to be yourself around your partner. Try sucking them in if it makes you feel better, but they will eventually explode, and I am guessing that small fanny farts are better than a thunderous one that sounds like you’ve eaten something dodgy.

It all comes down to confidence. If your partner pulls a face, sit on his face and fart. It should be a funny experience. Legs on top of partner’s shoulders always causes fanny farts in me, as does doggy style. They make me chuckle, and I don’t give a toss what my partner or any other lover I’ve slept with thinks about them.


Squirting Dildo 2

Another search that many people seem to do that brings them to my website is the Squirting Dildo.

Just wonder if anyone has popped off to a sex shop online or on the high street – although I’ve never seen it in Ann Summers – for the Squirting Dildo I reviewed a couple of months ago?

If you like to pleasure yourself with eight or nine inches of meaty goodness, fill it with water, lotion, or your own juices, fuck yourself silly, and squirt the remnants over your breasts, face, or even inside the pussy. It really is a fun toy.

Now we’re talking about Ann Summers, no offence but there is not much of a variety of fat dildos to purchase. The best thing I bought in there was my iGasm, which is still fun when I choose to use it on occasions, but it gets me off too fast and my clit is kind of numb afterwards, a bit like it feels after riding on my mountain bike for hours. Fingers are the best way to deliver the hottest orgasms.

Even the dildos that they pass round at Ann Summers parties look like all the rest. A green one would be different. Maybe I’m wrong, and the Squirting Dildo is available. I suppose it has been years since I stepped my sexy ass into there.

I’ve got a couple of links on this website that have thousands of sex toys. Variety is the spice of life. I would avoid ever using PABO though. One of the customer service reps called me a bitch after they fucked up my monthly payments for a couple of toys. Okay, it did take place years ago, but still if people want me to buy their products, a little respect is necessary.


Free Thinking

I suppose some people are lucky in this life because he/she has their own mind, and he/she can make their own choices whether good or bad. But what about all those groups and religions who try to brain wash people into thinking they are committing a sin; especially when it comes to sex.

When I was 14 and I started masturbating, I believed in God because my mother is a Catholic and always believed that masturbation and even sex (except to make children) is a sin. I orgasmed, felt guilty, and then thought I was going to burn in hell or something.

It still goes on in the world today. Religions state that sex before marriage, affairs, lust, masturbation, the list goes on and on, is a sin. Make a choice not to believe them. Look at me now? I fucking promote sex, masturbation, and write about it all in my explicit erotica and in this blog. Do I give a shit what people think of me? Hell no!

Sex creates children, but it also gives enjoyment, orgasms, and builds a strong intimacy between you and your partner. It also reduces high blood pressure, gives you a special glow that no expensive cream can offer, and gets the heart pumping. Masturbation creates orgasms, and helps you to find out more about your body and how you like to be touched. It also reduces anxiety, burns calories, disperses tension, and boosts the immune system in the body. Instead of feeling guilty after an orgasm through masturbation, have a glass of bubbly. Embrace the positive aspects. I doubt people feel shite after an orgasm! I feel no guilt any more. I feel only ecstasy.


Length of Orgasm

I’m just curious as to how long mens/women’s orgasms can be? Sometimes, my pussy is already contracting even before I’ve cum, other times I know it’s building and it’s an incredible feeling before I release.

During phone sex with my fella last night, which happened rather unexpectedly, I found myself to be rather wet. He got hard in seconds, and I rubbed up and down, circled with two fingers, and rubbed myself slowly to such a hot orgasm that probably got my neighbours wondering where the loud groans were coming from. I waited patiently for Keith to ‘give it to me’. He moaned and groaned for well over ten seconds. Man, he was wild! I can only imagine if he was spraying it all over my body he’d cover me.

I’m curious as to the length of orgasm in some men and women? Does it depend on arousal, or is it a mental release. Is it also longer – and stronger –  if you’ve not masturbated for days, even weeks?


Masturbation and Law of Attraction

I do love what people put into site engines to find my website. Take masturbation and the Laws of Attraction as one example. Sure they work together because masturbation achieves orgasm – which releases endorphins – and the Law of Attraction gives you what you focus on. So if you are thinking about your dream job, girl/guy, or something else you want to achieve in life, it is simple. Focus on the vision, feel good about the image, and jerk off. During orgasm, you will feel absolutely fantastic, and this strengthens the visualisation of what you want.

Although, to masturbate one must think about something sexy to achieve stimulation, so it might be better to get to that exciting level right before orgasm, and then allow the images to take hold. Feel really good about what you are seeing – this is most important. I imagine my books to be in the high streets. I pick up one of my books and jump up and down with glee. That is my visualisation, and it has always has been. Every writer wants to be acknowledged, but it is a hard and difficult life if inspiration plummets.

Erotic Fully Clothed Foreplay

This is hot, and something I focus on in The Sexual Mind: Guide to FFI Sex. It is all about building intimacy between you and your partner, and using foreplay to heighten the senses of the mind. Everyone has this power within themselves. The key is to find it and just let it go. What’s holding you back? I certainly hope not religion or some other manipulation given to you by another. Keep up this kind of foreplay, and I guarantee that you and your partner will achieve intense orgasms. All relationships require time, effort, and a real understanding of their partner.


Toxic People

God I’m fucking so sensitive to people’s words and thoughts. I found this amazing paragraph online about toxic people.

“Toxic people love to make others feel bad about themselves. And when they succeed in making others feel inferior, it makes them feel superior in return. They meet at the workplace water cooler and at family gatherings so they can share their latest gossip. It is very addicting and easy to get sucked into their tangled webs. Besides, if you are not there to talk about someone else, they may be there talking about you! Mark Twain advised, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.””

Ever hung around the person who is complaining about everyone and everything? No doubt you have noticed that I do not sell sex toys. If I wanted to do that, I’d be more famous than Ann Summers now, but I love to write erotica.  I just hate the way of the world these days and judgemental people. I think people like that need to look deep inside at themselves, and heal themselves rather than ‘take the piss’ out of everyone and everything else. I know I am judging too, and I hate to do that so I’m venting my anger in this post. Why do people have to judge looks and career choices?

Not everyone is going to understand the way I think, but at least I am trying to help others through this website. The amount of positive comments I have received spurs me on. The really great people in your life make you feel like you can fly to the moon, so stick with those kinds of people. Never rely on people to make it big; you have the power (in your mind) to build whatever life you want.

Even if others hide behind a mask and feel like they have to judge others because of nervous tension or self-confidence issues, it is not a very positive way to live. I can only think it will build enemies in time, plus people will clock on and not want to hang around with them anymore. Toxic people may not affect you in the immediate moment, but perhaps hours or days later too.

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